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This Message Forum and photo album is the place to leave a message for your classmates, show off your family, start a discussion, or simply network. It's not Ebay
and it's not the classifieds. If you have something to promote, the Alumni Mall is available. But if you're looking for a travel tip, have something to share, want to find a better job, or tell classmates about meetings or get-togethers, this is for you.

No passwords for the Forum, so the occasional stray surfer will post something stupid or insightful. We'll try to weed. Philosophical, political and school-related topics are fine, but rants or personal slurs will be deleted when we see them.

Email us photos for the HBS Class of 1969 Photo Album to, we'll post them. We can also scan them here. It's classmates in color, your new grandkid, classic car restoration, or award night. Show us the funny; give us a laugh. Anywhere in the world you can tell them "hit the mall at, and click on our class album and you can see us at Pam's wedding."


HBS Class of 1969 Photo Album


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