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EverythingHarvard.com was created by Laurence and Suki McKinney, founders of First Website Company, LLC in cooperation with the Harvard Trademark Program.  The website was launched in March 2003.

Laurence McKinney's family Harvard history is extensive, dating to 1725.  A graduate of the College ('66) and Harvard Business School ('69), he also attended Harvard Divinity School as a Special Student in 1976.  He has served on reunion committees for both college and graduate schools since 1971 and currently serves on his HBS 35th committee.  He also serves as a Section Secretary and correspondent.  This year, he was nominated for the Board of HBS Alumni Association.  His father, who wrote the Hasty Pudding show of 1912, was a Lampoon editor and Harvard stalwart who left a treasury of Harvard memorabilia as well as memories of Harvard which now span two centuries.

Suki McKinney also served on the HBS 30th and 35th reunion committees.  Since 1995, she has created multiple survey procedures, conducted class mailings, and designed original class and reunion websites. 

In 2004, the two helped to coordinate the first across-school appeal to link alumni of Harvard Business School and Harvard Divinity School.

First Website Company, LLC founded in 1996, and reorganized in 1999, designs and operates small niche websites.  They respond to over 10,000 visits a month from Harvard alumni all over the world. 


All photographs and logos are copyrighted to their respective owners.  All rights reserved.

Copyright 2003-04, First Website Company, LLC, all rights reserved.

To find out more about this site, please e-mail us.