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      The Alumni Mall began as we met Harvard alumni making some of the insignia products.’s licensee index is not very sophisticated, but it works.  Why not take the same concept to our schoolmates?  Our advertising in Harvard Magazine is reaching 220,000 alumni.  This is a great audience.

       Like the insignia licensees, any alumnus or alumna of Harvard with a web address can have a page on this mall. We’ll create the categories and update the index pages the moment another page is added. Since we’ll be making these pages for you, our visitors, and this site was just launched, we’ve created a few to provide examples. They’re real links, and they’ll give you an idea. The Mall pages will be fairly simple, but like the vendor pages, they can link to anything.

      Link to your small retailing site for something you make. Link to your large corporate website. Link to your home made jellies or your custom designed canoes, your legal practice or your resort hotel. Just like Harvard we’ll maintain some reasonable standards but aside from that, all graduates of Harvard or one of its programs are equal. Sell your book, rent your house, publish your broadside, promote your CD or your B&B. There will be a low monthly charge for your page. That’s it. You also can add a few minor upgrades, the same as we do for the insignia vendors. Since there will be steady traffic at the insignia index, curious folk will always be dropping into the Mall.  As a convenience to Alumni Mall participants, we will install a class message forum and photo album for each class that has at least one participant.  To see an example, visit the HBS'69 page.

      We expect it will grow to become a great nice place to surf, shop, visit, and see who’s doing what. It’s exclusive, upscale, upbeat and is downright fun.

      If you want to be on the Alumni Mall and take advantage of our first month free offer, just download the PDF form, fill it out, fax it back (or send in via snail mail), and we’ll have you on the Mall that day. 
Tell them all're at the Mall.  The Mall at

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